Handmade Gemstone Jewelry gifts with meaning, customized with energetic healing properties to naturally reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and increase wealth.

This product is not intended to replace any licensed medical treatment. No guarantee is made towards validity and the use of gems for the statements listed is at the user’s own risk.

Healing Properties of DAIKOMYO® Empowering Gems

AMAZONITE is believed to help increase intuition, balance metabolism, enhance loving communication and help the body to maintain good health. Balances male-female energy. Beneficial in osteoporosis and calcium deficiency, releases blocks in the nervous system and may help relieve muscle spasms.

AMBER is believed to bring wisdom, balance, promote altruism. Useful healer, draws disease from the body. Helps heal tissues and nervous system. Eases stress, neutralizes negative energy. Cleanses the mind, body, spirit and environment. Said to aid depression, memory and decision-making. Believed to help heal the throat, kidney and bladder.

AMETHYST is believed to be a powerful healer and protector. Said to calm the mind, enhance visualization, reduce anger and fear, release physical and emotional pain, calm the nervous system and help insomnia and hearing.

AGATE is said to be a grounding stone, improving one’s perceptions and analytical abilities. It is believed to balance the physical, emotional and mental. Soothing and calming, it fosters love, truthfulness and courage, eliminates negativity and helps overcome inner anger, raises consciousness and helps build self-confidence.

APATITE is said to assist communication and self-expression, encouraging openness and extroversion. Stimulates creativity, intellect. Releases negativity toward oneself and others, eases sorrow and anger. Eases over-activity. Said to be helpful for hyperactive and autistic children. Believed to aid in the absorption of calcium, to help heal bones, ease arthritis and joint problems. Increases metabolism encouraging healthy eating. Balances the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies and the chakras.

AQUAMARINE is said to reduce stress, quiet the mind and sharpen the intellect, enhance communication, reduce fear, increase creativity, enhance intuition and protect the aura or energy field around the body.

AVENTURINE is said to bring prosperity, enhance creativity, release negativity and balance male-female energy. Beneficial to the thymus gland and nervous system. Believed to help balance blood pressure.

AZURITE with MALACHITE is believed to combine the qualities of the two gems. It is said to open spiritual vision and improve visualization, help reduce fears and stress, healing emotions and old patterns of thought. May help muscle cramps, throat and joint problems.

BLACK OBSIDIAN is protective, said to repel negative energy, improve self-control and shed unloving thoughts. Believed to help in letting go of the past, in habit-breaking and retaining balance during times of change.

BLUE QUARTZ is believed to help in reaching out to others, releasing fear. Cleanses the aura and activates all the chakras, or energy centers in the body. Believed to heal and protect, attract wealth, enhance intuition and release negativity.

CALCITE is believed to bring peace and serenity, alleviate emotional stress, aid memory and bring insight; cleanse organs and bones and strengthen skeleton and joints.

CARNELIAN is said to ground one into present surroundings, remove fear of death, bringing acceptance of cycle of life. Motivates success in business, improves analytical abilities and clarifies perception. Aids positive life choices. Protects against anger. May influence female reproductive organs, helps rheumatism, arthritis, depression.

CHALCEDONY is said to be a stone of unity promoting group stability, removing hostility. Increases physical energy. Balances body, mind and spirit. Eases self-doubts, facilitates constructive, inward reflection, dispels negative energy. Helps memory and senility.

CHAROITE is said to be a gem of transformation, bringing the heart and crown chakras into harmony, cleansing the aura. It fosters the acceptance of others and stimulates unconditional love. Helps to ground the spiritual self. Believed to help eyes, heart, liver and pancreas, regulate blood pressure and soothe aches and pains.

CHRYSOCOLLA is said to calm and energize the chakras, heal heartache and increase the capacity to love. Improves communication and creativity. Said to help arthritis, bone disease, blood and lung issues and to regenerate the pancreas.

CHRYSOPRASE is believed to be a gem to help one relax and promote peaceful sleep. Is said to inspire hope and to bring personal insight and openness to new situations. Stimulates creativity and draws out talents. Believed to energize and help heal the heart and body, enhance fertility, aid eye problems and emotional illness.

CITRINE is believed to attract wealth and success, bring happiness, confidence and generosity. Energizes, and invigorates, increasing motivation, energy, creativity. Promotes inner peace. Eliminates toxins from digestion. Helps in diabetes, thyroid imbalance to help circulation of blood. Fortifies immune system. Shields against harmful effects of electrical products. Helps keep fat in check.

CLEAR QUARTZ is believed to be one of the most powerful healing gems which works on all levels to strengthen, cleanse and protect. Helps to amplify and store energy. Deep soul cleanser. Heightens intuition. Stimulates immune system, brings harmony, soothes burns.

CORAL is believed to effect inner change. It dispels nervousness, fear, depression, panic attacks and nightmares. Guards against accidents and acts of violence. Confers wisdom, reason, prudence and courage. Placed beneath a pillow, it is said to produce peaceful sleep by driving away disturbing dreams. It is associated with attracting love, protection and good luck. Helps digestion and eye complaints. For children, it is said to ensure future health and to provide protection.

EMERALD is believed to help focus intention, raise consciousness, bring about inspiration and foster patience. Helps memory and communication. Is said to be a stone that can bring domestic happiness and successful love.

FLUORITE is believed to be a gem of protection. It is associated with enlightenment and spiritual, mental and emotional healing. Diminishes stress, cleanses, balances and focuses energy on all levels. Balances hormonal changes like PMS and Menopause. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress. Aids arthritis and rheumatism. Helps increase concentration and intuition. Strengthens bones and teeth. Revitalizes sexual libido. Ancient cure for cancer.

GARNET is said to bless its wearer with good health and wealth. Associated with vitality, courage, passion, love, sensuality and self-confidence. Energizes and revitalizes, balancing energy and bringing emotional tranquility. Improves professional prospects. Helps depression and improves imagination. A stone for making commitments last and for stabilizing relationships. Boosts sexuality and fertility.

HEMATITE is believed to ground, protect, balance and improve self-esteem. Helps improve concentration, memory, originality and confidence. Helps blood, leg cramps, nervousness, insomnia, fractures.

IOLITE is said to be a vision gem. It facilitates visualization and intuitive insight. Helps one express true self, free from the expectations of others. Releases tension within relationships. Helps to understand and release the causes of addiction. Aids the pituitary, respiratory systems and sinuses, helps migraine headaches and reduces fatty deposits in the body.

JADE is considered the most precious of all gems in Japan and China. Credited with clarity, courage, justice, wisdom and modesty. Said to radiate tranquility, creating a feeling of serenity and wisdom. Helpful during times of transition. Aids in peaceful death. Helps reduce tension in life. Protects one from enemies and during long journeys. Helps kidney, bladder and eye problems.

JASPER is believed to lend support during times of stress bringing tranquility. It cleanses and aligns the chakras, provides protection and is grounding. Fosters organizational abilities, quick-mindedness and follow through. Supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs and is believed to help balance minerals in the body.

JET is said to calm unreasonable fears, fight mood swings and depression, protect against violence. Said to increase virility. Helps migraines, epilepsy and colds.

KUNZITE is believed to be a powerful spiritual gem fostering loving communication and peace, enhances creativity and self-expression. Aids in adjusting to stress. Activates the heart chakra. Strengthens the circulatory system and heart.

LAPIS is believed to be a stone of protection and enlightenment. Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Stimulates objectivity and clarity. Promotes creativity. Helps pain and migraine headaches, insomnia and vertigo, overcomes depression, boosts the immune system.

LEPIDOLITE is said to activate the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, bringing cosmic awareness. Said to stimulate the intellect, reduce stress and help insomnia. Believed to be a gem of transition, releasing old patterns and helping facilitate change. Excellent for menopause, also believed to offer protection from electromagnetic pollution.

MALACHITE is said to be a gem of transformation. Helps absolve deep feelings of hurt and resentment, breaking unwanted ties and behaviors. Clears energy centers, releases negative experiences. Aids responsibility for actions, thoughts and feelings. Protects against radiation. Helps asthma, arthritis, fractures, swollen joints, growths and tumors. Aligns cellular structure. Helps boost the immune system.

MOONSTONE is believed to be a stone to promote new beginnings, connected to the moon and intuition. Calms emotions, improves intuition and empathy. Strong effect upon female reproductive cycle, helps fluid imbalances, attunes to biorhythmic clock. Used for PMS, conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

MOSS AGATE is said to refresh the soul. It is a gem of new beginnings, helping to release blockages. Attracts abundance, improves self-esteem and strengthens positive personality traits. Said to help balance emotions, releasing fear and deep-seated stress; to develop strength and the ability to get along with others. Helps access intuition, promotes self-expression and communication. Said to help speed up recovery to counteract long-term illness. Is believed to boost the immune system, to be anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling and fevers.

ONYX is believed to lend strength during difficult or confusing periods. Centers and aligns with higher powers. Promotes vigor, stamina, wise decisions. Encourages happiness and good fortune. Helps worries and fears. Improves self-confidence, ease in surroundings. Can be used to absorb the negativity of others. Good for teeth, bones, issues with blood and feet.

OPAL is said to enhance cosmic consciousness, originality and creativity. Fosters love, loyalty, and emotional stability. Believed to strengthen memory, help infections, help regulate insulin and ease childbirth.

ONYX is believed to lend strength during difficult or confusing periods. Centers and aligns with higher powers. Promotes vigor, stamina, wise decisions. Encourages happiness and good fortune. Helps worries and fears. Improves self-confidence, ease in surroundings. Can be used to absorb the negativity of others. Good for teeth, bones, issues with blood and feet.

PEARLS foster motherly love and are protective. Inspire purity, innocence, serenity, tranquility, focus, and help us get in touch with the simple, honest things of life. Believed to ensure good health and longevity and to attract wealth.

PERIDOT is believed to reduce stress, open the heart, alleviate anger, ease negative patterns and vibrations, promote clarity, well-being and prosperity, bring understanding of destiny and purpose and regulate the cycles of life.

ROSE QUARTZ is said to calm and reassure, attune to the energy of unconditional love, open the heart to love, bring about deep inner healing. May be helpful for increasing feelings of self-trust and self-worth, fostering motherly love and protection.

RUBY is believed to be a leadership stone. Stimulates the heart chakra. Promotes positive dreams, aids retaining wealth and passion. Detoxifies body and blood, helps fevers, restricted blood flow. Helps with issues related to survival. Good for military personnel in battle.

RUTILATED QUARTZ is believed to open the aura to facilitate healing, promoting spiritual growth. Filters negative energy and offers protection. Connects to soul lessons, facilitates transition and change. Said to relieve depression, fear and anxiety. Helpful for chronic conditions, exhaustion, respiratory system and thyroid. Helps repair torn tissues.

SAPPHIRE is said to relax, focus and calm the mind, releasing unwanted thoughts and tension, promoting peace and serenity, removing stress, helping to release frustration. Aligns and supports the body to carry out its purpose. Aids concentration, brings prosperity, attracts gifts. Aids blood disorders.

SMOKY QUARTZ Relieves fear, lifts depression, bringing serenity and positive thought. Helps turn dreams into reality. Associated with stability, practicality, good luck, creativity, intuition, pride, joy and grounded spirituality. Aids detoxification on all levels. Useful for assisting chemotherapy. Aids virility. Neutralizes negative energy and purifies chakras. Helps calm overactive children.

TANZANITE is thought to be a bridge to the Christ Consciousness and is believed to be powerful in bringing about peace. It is also believed to help uplift and open the heart.

TIGER’S EYE Is believed to be a stone of protection. Helps to show correct use of power. Aids accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources. Brings clarity of intention. Anchors change into the physical body. Integrates brain hemispheres, balances yin and yang energy. Energizes body, enhances psychic abilities. Attracts wealth.

TOPAZ is believed to direct energy. Soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges and motivates, raising energy. Promotes truth and forgiveness, sheds light on life journey, taps into inner resources. Brings joy and generosity, manifestation of good health. Clears the aura. Attracts helpful people.

TOURMALINE is said to be a cleansing and purifying stone, transforming heavy energy into lighter vibrations. Grounds spiritual energy, forms protective shield. Releases tension, balances male and female energy, right and left brain. Attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, prosperity.

GREEN TOURMALINE also opens the heart, and is said to help with weight loss.

TURQUOISE is said to be a stone of peace, serenity and tranquility. Increases protection, wisdom, balance, honest communication, strength, friendship and love. Excellent for creative problem solving. Beneficial for the entire body, especially the eyes, the respiratory and immune systems.

UNAKITE is believed to be a gem of vision, balancing emotions with spirituality. Integrates information from the past that creates blockages, gently releasing conditions that inhibit growth. Said to reach the root causes of disease; helps reproductive system, healthy pregnancy.

ZOISITE helps transform negative energies into positive ones and is believed to connect us with the spiritual realms. It helps in manifesting ideas and brings repressed feelings and emotions to the surface so they can be released. Helps refocus the mind and aids recovery from severe illness or stress. A detoxifier, it strengthens the immune system. This gem stimulates fertility and when combined with Ruby, is said to increase potency.

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